Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Dreaming Rabbit Arrives - An Outsider / Self Taught Art

This time lapse animations of Joe Romano's AnimalScape -
The Dreaming Rabbit a hand-painted paper mâché sculpture.

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hand-painted paper mâché sculptures: AnimalScapes.

Outside Artist Joe Romano's - D N A Storm

Exhibiting a time lapsed version of the art of Joe Romano, an Outside Artist. Here is the artist hand at work creating D N A Storm, a 24"x30" acrylic on masonite panel.

Below you can see the finish D N A Storm:

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pics From The visual art show, "Transformation,"
held at Bohemia Gallery, Ashland, Oregon.

Joe Romano and Bohemia Gallery owner Inger Jorgenson

"PIPEDREAMS" by Joe Romano

Opening at Bohemia Gallery
Joe Romano with "PIPEDREAMS"

An Evening in Celebration of the Human Spirit - From Ashland Daily Tiding Revels November 6, 2008

Horizon Institute will present its 8th Annual "An Evening in Celebration of the Human Spirit" at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 8, at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Angus Bowmer Theatre, 15 S. Pioneer St., Ashland. A related visual art show, "Transformation," will take place during the month of November at Bohemia Gallery, 222 A St., Ashland.

The founder and executive director of Horizon Institute, Richard Moeschl says in the program notes, "This year's theme expresses the power of inspired, collective transformation. It seeks to encompass on stage the human spirit emerging from isolation, separation and polarity to an engaged community of enlightened and empowered individuals."

(Moeschl is the arts and entertainment editor of the Southern Oregon Media Group's Tempo and Revels sections.)

As in past years the event features performances by area poets, actors, musicians, dancers, and artwork by area painters, sculptors and photographers.

Scheduled performers include: Alexander Barnes, Pamela Joy, Michael Gibson, Meagan Iverson, Bruce Bayard, Robin Bryant, Richard Hartley, Presila Quinby, David Gabriel, Tamara Marston, Kevin Christman, Margie Norgan, Judson Hyatt, Kristin Kessler, Laura Derocher, Gypsy Soul, Eve Smyth, Kate Sullivan, Markita Shaw, Suzanne Barnes, Denise Baxter, Larry Lewis, Pauline Sullivan, Jennifer Schloming, Elib Crist-Dwyer, Geoffrey Riley, J.R. Storment, Michael Mish, Inger Jorgensen, Dancing People Company, members of the Jefferson State Choral Coalition, Kirby Shaw, Ashland Casinero Dance Group and Salsa Trio.

"The variety-show approach of spotlighting separate performances which worked so well for us over the past seven years didn't seem as if it would adequately serve this year's broader theme," the program notes say. "Our show tonight will be more of a theater piece. The separate performances will be woven together with the common thread of the event's theme."

All music for the show will be performed live. Four painters will be painting on a huge canvas on stage. There will be short scenes from three plays, a mime, improvised music and dance, poetry, a Tango, salsa dancing, a vocal piece by Bach, songs from Broadway musicals, modern dance, choral and instrumental music, and opportunities for the audience to recite a poem together and sing the closing song. As part of the celebration, Bohemia Gallery held its first juried show with more than 20 artists participating in the "Transformation" exhibit.

Featured artists include: Ann DiSalvo, Cantrell Maryott, Carmen Sonnes, Charu Colorado, Denise Baxter, Dot Fisher-Smith, Gaelyn Larrick, Jaquelene Ambrose, Joan Franklin, Joe Romano, Jonathon Treasure, Kendra Lichtenwalner, Melissa Cooley, Nancy Bardos, Roberto Bufalari, Shoshanah Dubiner, Suzanna Solomon, Danielle Anjou and Kevin Christman, Lydia Wren, and Derek Pyle.

"All the pieces in the show reflect a common thread: A celebration of humanity and the beauty of transformation," says gallery owner Nicole Hurley in a press release. "Because that is such an important theme this year, we were completely overwhelmed with the sheer volume of submissions we received. Narrowing down the list of artists has been the most difficult part for (co-owner) Inger (Jorgensen) and me. There's a very organic-unity to this exhibit. It just feels good to take in. I'm very excited about it and I think it's exactly what our community needs right now."
Many of the artists will be on hand to discuss their work during a reception at the gallery on the First Friday Artwalk from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 7. The First Friday event at Bohemia is the official kick off for "An Evening in Celebration of the Human Spirit," which will take place the next night, Saturday, Nov. 8 at the Bowmer Theatre.

Tickets for "An Evening in Celebration of the Human Spirit" are $15 general admission, $10 for students, and $5 for children 12 and under. Tickets are available at Bohemia Gallery, Paddington Stage, and at the Bowmer Theatre the night of the show.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Partial List of Collectors Of Joe Romano's Art

Roseanna Arquette, actress

Forest Whitaker, director, actor

Jennifer Tilly, actress

Burt Berman, Sony Studios executive

Ron Fair, President A&M Records

Leslie Marcus, MOCA executive

John Binder, film director

Phil Burton, documentary filmmaker

Reverend Michael Beckwith, Agape Church

John Court, record producer

Dennis Drieth, president Musicians Trust Fund

Sabin Epstein, director

Noella Evans, airlines executive

Mitch Greenhill, music publisher

Mitch Gamson, television producer

Tony Greco, film director

Mike Gray, author, screenwriter

John Hobbs, record producer

Mathew Irmas, director

Lisa Loomer, playwright

Vince Manze, NBC executive

Terry Melcher, record producer

Dan Prince, art historian, author

Laurie Resnick, Lucas Films executive

Sally Struthers, actress

John Seiter, NY Jets executive

Gordon Davidson, artistic director Mark Taper Forum

Peter Cohen, architect

Renaldo Velizia, architect

Ken Koslow, architect

Lee Curran, artistic director, Virginia Avenue Project

Bill Rauch, artistic director Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Marilyn Ziering, CEO Diagnostics Products Corp.

Armando Molina, actor, director

Matt Miller, NPR journalist, author

Doug Wager, artistic director Arena Stage

Paul Moen, movie – TV producer

Mike Erwin, CEO Inspired Films

Dara Marks, author

Howard Gordon, producer/writer tv show "24"

Marc Sirinsky, Rabbi

Catherine Coulson, actor

Lisa Peterson, director

Rachael Hauk, set designer

Luis Alfaro, playwright

Joe Romano's List Art Galleries

Anastasia's Asylum L.A.

Art Center Palisades

Barnsdall Park Gallery

Baumoel Gallery L.A.

Bohemia Gallery

Burbank Museum of Art

Community Focus Gallery of Santa Monica

Dinan/Main Gallery (Ojai Ca.)

Europex L.A.

Festival Caribé, Santiago de Cuba

Gallery of Ojai

Guerilla Art

Jadite Gallery (New York)

L.A. Municipal Art Gallery

Merging One

Newbridge Gallery

Nimbus (Ashland, Or.)

Prince Art

Schomburg Gallery (Bergamot Station)

Steinberg Gallery, L.A.

The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts

The Rose GalleryTula Art Center (Atlanta, GA)

Joe Romano Bio

Joe Romano began painting in the mid-sixties while attending the Combs Conservatory Of Music in Philadelphia. At that time he befriended the renowned artist and teacher Benjamin Britt whose studio was across the street from the Conservatory. Joe would spend several hours a week at Ben's studio watching him paint while working on some of his music studies there.
One day, Ben handed Joe some paint and said that he should make a picture. Although he had no training, and felt intimidated because of Ben's mastery of art, at Ben's insistence he "made a painting". "I was hooked", said Joe, and from that moment, although music was his main creative outlet, painting became his other passion. An example of his music can be found at Blush Records, the album One Romantic Night.

In 1974, while living in Los Angeles, he was invited to show some of his work at a local exhibition of Los Angeles artists, and he was "discovered" by a local gallery there that wanted to exhibit his work. He continued to work in the music industry, as a composer for film, records and theater. All his spare time was devoted to painting.

In 1989, an art dealer he met wanted to do a one man show of his work for her private clients, many of whom were in the entertainment business. Of the 30 pieces assembled for the show, 19 sold on the first day, and his recognition among serious collectors began to take off. Since then he has shown in many galleries and exhibitions, mostly in the Los Angeles area.

In the mid 90's he met Dan Prince, one of the leading authorities on Outsider Art — art by self-taught artists. Dan's gallery in Santa Monica California was the premier gallery in the country for outsider art, and Joe sold many works through that gallery. Dan also composed a book for Journey Editions called "Passing In The Outsider Lane", and Joe was one of the artists featured in that book.

Joe recently moved to Ashland Oregon with his wife, playwright Lisa Loomer, and their son Marcello.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Outsider Art

My name is Joe Romano and I am an artist living in Ashland Oregon. I have been published ("Passing In The Outsider Lane") by Dan Prince, and have shown my work in galleries on both coasts. My website will give you a good idea of the work I do. Check it out. I am interested in selling my work on the internet, so if you are interested in that possibility then please contact me. I am also looking for other publications to show my work in, so any info regarding that will be greatly appreciated. More to come later Joe R